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This week’s New Moon in Scorpio will be intensely emotional but will help each sign delve deeper into their intuition. 


Aries, this intense energy will trigger your anxiety and have you feeling weird vibes. It is critical that self-care and relaxation are prioritized. This New Moon in Scorpio will force you to slow down and focus on self reflection. 


Taurus, this New Moon in Scorpio is in opposition to your chart. This means that the emotional effects will be heightened and may prompt you to feel sad, anxious or anti-social. Alone time is wise- especially since the full moon later this month is in your sign as well, Taurus! 


Gemini, you need to stay on top of your communication. This intense energy will cause you to become more forgetful and ditzy, making communication and responsibilities crucial to focus on so that you don’t miss any tasks. 


Cancer, this New Moon has you feeling romantic and sentimental. Whether you need to plan a special date for your partner, go on a blind date or spend time with loved ones, this New Moon in Scorpio has you slowing down to make time for the people in your life.


Leo, you are struggling to balance all of your tasks and responsibilities. You’re over-exerting yourself repeatedly and it’s starting to catch up with you. It’s crucial that you slow down and stop ignoring health issues, Leo! Prioritize yourself! 


Virgo, you usually know exactly what you want from people and in life. However, this New Moon in Scorpio has you feeling lost and confused. Your mind is foggy with emotions and you are questioning your decisions. Don’t let this strong energy distract you, Virgo. You’re on the right path! 


Libra, your season ended recently and you’re entering Scorpio season and this New Moon in Scorpio with a lucky streak. New financial opportunities are coming your way and you’ll begin to have time to relax as you become more financially stable. Use this time to save, Libra! 


Scorpio, this New Moon is in your sign so your experience will be powerful. Prepare yourself for meditation and relaxation because your mind and body will be exhausted from the intense energy. This energy is only brighter because this New Moon is also a partial eclipse. Avoid plans and dedicate this week to yourself, Scorpio. 


Sagittarius, you will be easily angered and short-tempered this week because of the miscommunications and emotions running rampant from the powerful Scorpio New Moon. Make sure to exude patience and understanding rather than jumping the gun too much this week, Sagittarius. 


Capricorn, this energy has you feeling yourself! You may even feel more sensual or flirtier than usual as well! Now is the perfect time to plan dates or romantic excursions. If you have a crush, then it’s time to make a move! Go for it, Capricorn! Your energy is magnetic right now. 


Aquarius, people are trying to drag you into situations that are not yours. Protect your mindset and energy by not giving in to these energy vampires. Avoid people who are notoriously gossipy or negative. These bad vibes will be amplified by the Scorpio New Moon, so avoid these folks at all costs! 


Pisces, people are being clingy with you right now. Whether it’s a boyfriend, roommate, family member or someone else, you are struggling to maintain your boundaries. Be from and do not waver, Pisces! Tell them to respect your space or hit the road!

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