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Weekly Horoscopes | The Wright State Guardian

A typical Saturday night looks different for different people. What does your next Saturday night look like based on your zodiac sign?


Aries, this Saturday, get a few friends together and go dancing. It is the perfect excuse to let loose and blow off some steam. You deserve it!


Taurus, this Saturday, grab a group of your favorite people and head to the bowling alley. It is a great low key hangout and works for last minute plans. 


Gemini, this Saturday is the perfect time to go out to dinner at that one restaurant you’ve been craving for weeks. Grab a friend or significant other and treat yourself. 


Cancer, this Saturday is definitely date night for you! Grab your significant other and spend some much needed time together. If you don’t have a significant other, have date night with yourself with some much needed self care time!


Leo, this Saturday is meant to be spent with friends. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you are in dire need of the comfort that comes from being around those who support you. Take the time now to make plans. 


Virgo, this Saturday is music Saturday for you. Go to a low key concert or set aside some time to listen to your favorite album or playlist. Need inspiration? Check out some of the music reviews at


Libra, this Saturday is perhaps the same as every other Saturday for you: deep inside a good book. Switch it up and pull out a different book this week for a change in scenery. 


Scorpio, this Saturday, find a way to watch a movie. You can go to a theatre, put in a CD that you’ve had for a while, or even find one playing at a drive-in. 


Sagittarius, this Saturday, like many other Saturdays calls for a party. This week, you will host it. 


Capricorn, this Saturday will give you time to spend with your family. It’s been a while since you’ve done something with them so gather up everyone you can and have a game night. 


Aquarius, this Saturday you will find yourself with nothing to do. Use this extra time to look up a fun new recipe to try. Run to the store to pick up everything you need and get baking!


Pisces, this Saturday you will spend most of the night catching up on all the cleaning you have put off the last month and a half. This is only your doing; just remember you will feel much better when you are done.