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Read here to discover what you would most likely do if you overslept and were late to class, based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries, you have never missed a class and you don’t plan to. If you ever did sleep through a class, it would be your worst nightmare.


Taurus, you never schedule 8 a.m. classes for a reason. All of your classes are usually in the afternoon, and if you oversleep and miss them, there is a good reason. 


Gemini, you have overslept and missed a class a couple of times but you don’t worry about it. You know you can catch up easily, you are usually just sad because you missed an opportunity to see your friends. 


Cancer, you often miss class due to oversleeping, sometimes even on purpose. You see some of your classes as a waste of time and you love sleep. It’s a win win. 


Leo, you are meticulous about your school work and attending class is a must for you. Your coursework is rigorous, so if you oversleep, it’s all over freak-out mode. 


Virgo, when you oversleep and miss a class, it is only because you hate walking in late. Instead of being there for part of the lecture, you would rather not be there at all.


Libra, when you oversleep and think you are going to be late to class, you make a detour and go to Starbucks as well. If you’re going to be late, you might as well be late with a coffee. 


Scorpio, you are rarely late for class, but when you are, it isn’t much of a big deal to you. You talk to friends and try to catch up on what you missed and then have a laugh about it later. 


Sagittarius, when you oversleep and miss class, it isn’t much different than any other day for you. If you didn’t have sleep as an excuse to miss class, you would have found another one. 


Capricorn, when you oversleep and miss class, you either sneak in the back or don’t go at all. You hate to draw attention to yourself so you always try to make it to class on time. 


Aquarius, when you oversleep and miss class, you look at it as an excuse to skip your classes for the rest of the day to do something more fun. Why not take a day off and give yourself a much needed break?


Pisces, most times when you oversleep and are about to miss class, your class gets canceled and you don’t have to worry about it. What a lucky duck. 

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