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Your weekly horoscopes for December 24.


The Moon is rotating too quickly and encourages you to confront some intense, emotionally complicated situations. Watch out for tempers as you travel and run your errands not to mention any surprising scheduling issues.


The atmosphere this week has a strange fog and illuminates the relationship sector of your chart. Watch out for intense and unexpected interactions this week due to unruly, fiery Mars clashing Pluto.


The Moon enters fiery Aries Thursday morning, encouraging you to tackle your to-do list just watch out for some obstacles around communication this afternoon. Unexpected flare-ups surface in your relationships this evening thanks to Mars clashing with Uranus.


The Moon enters fellow fire sign, finding you in a creatively inspired and flirtatious mood. However, there’s some very intense energy in the air this week, as surprising information comes your way. Be smart (and kind) about communication.


The Moon enters Aries and illuminates the home and family sector of your chart, which encourages you to reflect on your sense of security and boundaries. Surprising (and agitating) financial issues may arise this week.


This week things will feel like a slow mo movie Virgo. Bringing news your way but be sure to keep your cool when your coupon isn’t working at the store.


The universe is encouraging you to reflect on your budget this week Libra. How wisely are you spending your money, but also, how wisely are you spending your time? Surprising news arrives this week.


As the Moon leaves sleepy Pisces and enters your sign early this week, it’s important that you sit with your emotions and give yourself permission to fully feel them. Don’t stuff them away and distract yourself with work, friends, or love. Do your best to be patient.


The Moon enters Aries and activates a very sensitive sector of your chart, encouraging you to slow down and get some rest. This week brings surprises that propel you to make some changes around your professional goals.


The Moon enters Aries this week, lighting up the friendship and community sector of your chart and inspiring you to network. However, watch out for unexpected, heated emotions that flare up this weekend.


The Moon is shadowed, focusing on the career and reputation sector of your chart. Reflect on your relationship with the public. Watch out for unexpected drama this week with old friends.


The Moon enters its fuller phase as it connects with our intuition, meaning we’re all eager to get things done. Obstacles come up as the Moon squares off with Saturn. Mars clashes bringing unexpected changes and flared tempers, and inspiring people to seek freedom.

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