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Here are the signs 2019 resolutions:

ARIES – You should spend more time with friends and family this year, Aries. You have a tendency to keep to yourself. You will feel increased happiness as a result.
TAURUS – In 2019, you should eat healthier, Taurus. Most importantly, try to avoid emotional eating binges; these small sacrifices will go a long way.
GEMINI – This year, Gemini, you need to work on your tardiness. Punctuality is extremely important in the workforce and it most likely bothers your friends and family. This is an important habit to kick.
CANCER – This year, do your best to meet new people, Cancer. Try to overcome your shy nature and expand your horizons – who knows what you’re missing out on.
LEO – This year, you should adopt a pet. A furry companion to keep you company is just what you need, since you are energetic with a big heart.
VIRGO – Your New Year’s resolution should be to reduce the stress in your life, dear Virgo, and learn to relax more. Stop worrying about every little thing. You stress clean too often.
LIBRA – This year, try to spend less time on social media, Libra. Your addiction needs to be broken; this year is the year to make an important change.
SCORPIO – Face your fears, Scorpio. Do one thing a month that scares you – fly, skydive, cliff jump, stand up for yourself or try a new food. At the end of 2019, you’ll be proud of everything you accomplished.
SAGITTARIUS – In 2019, you should keep a journal. You will enjoy being able to look back on the year. Just make sure you actually write things down.
CAPRICORN – This year, learn to save your money, Capricorn, as you tend to spend it as soon as you get it. Set money aside when possible so that you have an emergency fund or travel fund.
AQUARIUS – This year, you should aim to stop procrastinating, as you so often do. The hardest part about achieving this resolution will be finally getting started.
PISCES – In the upcoming year, you should read more. Figure out what kinds of books you enjoy and read them in your spare time; you will enjoy the benefits of improved focus, memory and knowledge
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