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Weekly Horoscopes

We are finally back to school dear star children. Read more here for an insight into your first week back. 


Dear Aries, be on the lookout for a special someone. You never know who you might bump into with your fresh new class schedule. 


Dear Taurus, the movements of the planets and stars have special plans for you this week. You will run into someone in need of your kindness. Don’t disappoint. 


Dear Gemini, enjoy the first week of school as you reunite with lost friends and make new ones. As you get lost in the excitement, careful not to lose sight of what really matters. 


Dear Cancer, you have a lot on your plate right now, but try to loosen up and enjoy the first week back to campus. Good things will come from your change in attitude. 


Dear Leo, going back to campus is a source of stress for you, but also excitement. Focus on the great things about coming back to school and let everything else fall into place. 


Dear Virgo, you really are just looking forward to having immediate access to coffee. You know it. Everyone else knows it. But a new semester almost makes up for the early mornings. 


Dear Libra, as you return to campus, remember to sanitize and wear your mask. You’re easygoing, but you must not forget about the health of yourself and others. 


Dear Scorpio, this semester is yours. The moon and stars have big plans for your ambitions and ideas. Don’t let anything keep you from your desires. 


Dear Sagittarius, your stars are aligning and this semester is going to give you a fresh start. Put the past behind you. It’s up to you to decide where you want the fresh start to take you. 


Dear Capricorn, the start of this semester and coming back to campus will come with a lot of changes. You will be overwhelmed at first, just remember this often comes with change. You’ll get used to it. 


Dear Aquarius, your class schedule this year is really going to kick your butt. Just stay focused and keep your eye on the prize: your degree!


Dear Pisces, you give so much of your time to other people out of your selfless nature, take this semester to give time to yourself and do something that you’ve never had the time to do.