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Weekly Horoscopes

Read on to find out the best spot on campus for you based on your astrology sign. 


Dear Aries, the best spot on campus, your go to spot from now on, lies on the second floor of the creative arts building, overlooking the campus. This location plays to your creative side and makes for easy people watching. 


Dear Taurus, your spot on campus is possibly the most basic of all: the group study room in Starbucks. You love taking comfort in being around other people while also having a quick bite to eat or sip of coffee a few steps away.


Dear Gemini, have you ever tried renting one of the rooms on the second floor of the Dunbar Library? This is a quiet and secluded place that may help with your tendency to easily be distracted, something that you are often too stubborn to admit. 


Dear Cancer, grab a few friends and find a nice grassy spot around BART to finish up your studying. The fresh air and nice weather while spending time with friends will help you through the studying that you barely convinced yourself to do anyways. 


Dear Leo, Find yourself a spot on the soft benches just inside the CAC on the first floor. It’s likely more of your friends will come along and be more than willing to keep you company until your next class. You might even find the spot comfortable enough to take a small nap. 


Dear Virgo, you know the media center on the second floor of Dunbar Library? It often finds itself a bit more emptied out than the rest of the library, a place for you to enjoy and make part of your daily routine. 


Dear Libra, you know that place where you spend all of your time already? That’s your spot. Stick to it. 


Dear Scorpio, as often as you are secretive and mysterious, there may be a special secret spot in Ray Ray cafe that you have yet to discover. The next free hour you have, spend it exploring. 


Dear Sagittarius, the only place on campus that could ever be right for you is the Library, surrounded by books and knowledge. You are a philosopher at heart.


Dear Capricorn, as a leader in your community, you often find yourself everywhere on campus. But if you had to choose, it would be in a space surrounded by your friends and classmates. 


Dear Aquarius, you prefer to get your exercise while doing your studying… check out those stationary bikes on the second floor of Dunbar Library. Or, get your exercise taking the stairs to the lobby of the fourth floor of Millett. 


Dear Pisces, no doubt, your spot on campus is and always will be sitting criss-cross applesauce in the most inconvenient place possible-only you know where that is.