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We all have our specific order at Starbucks… but there may be a drink that you have not tried yet that could become your new favorite. 


Honey Citrus mint tea: You like to surprise people with your drink choices and this drink choice certainly does that. It isn’t very popular but you take pride in convincing all of your friends to try it. 


Matcha green tea latte: This drink is a largely debated one; most people either love it or hate it. You are always up for an adventurous taste test and you fell in love with this one on the first sip. 


Strawberry Coconut drink (aka: The Pink Drink): This drink is sure to cure your everlasting sweet tooth. This drink is your go to for a sugary and aesthetic fix. 


Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher: A sweet drink for a sweet human being. You aren’t much of a coffee person and you probably never will be. This drink is always your go to. 


Chai Latte: With a hectic life and many stressors, a simple chai latte does wonders to calm you down for the rest of your day. The smell and taste of this wonderful drink brings you to your happy place. 


A bagel: You prefer to eat your calories, not drink them. 


Espresso shot: You are a busy person with a busy schedule and you need the caffeine to get you through the rest of the day. Libra’s don’t play around, especially not with their coffee orders. 


Iced caramel latte: You like to keep things simple but straight black coffee is not for you. If you don’t get the caramel latte, it’s because there is an enticing limited offer menu item that needs trying.


Caramel macchiato: This was likely the first drink you chose the first time you went to Starbucks and it will most likely be your drink the last time you visit Starbucks. They should really just name it “The Sagittarius drink.”


Cold brew: It’s a drink that took you a little bit of time to get used to, but now you drink it all the time and it’s one of your favorites. You’ll find it harder to go back to the other drinks that are high in sugar. 


Americano, hot and iced: When it comes to coffee, you like the caffeine to do its job without the added sugar getting in the way. 


Java chip frappuccino: summer or winter, a frappuccino is your go-to drink. The java chip is perfect for when you want a bit more of a coffee taste.

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