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What Do Profs Think About Rate My Professors?

Rate my Professor | Photo by Harminder Singh Langri | The Wright State Guardian

Students and professors visit Rate My Professors to see reviews for different professors’ teaching styles and how other students feel about them.

What is Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors allows anybody to comment and rate any professor they have had in previous semesters. Ratings for each comment can include the quality of the professors’ course, difficulty, keywords about experiences, grades, textbooks and if the class was for credit.

One popular aspect about Rate My Professors is that comments and ratings can be made anonymously. Less popular attributes of the website are the number of ads and how some reviews may seem to be unfair and/or inaccurate.

Is Rate My Professors worth using?

Students are often unaware Rate My Professors exists. Those students then end up getting a professor that does not work with their learning style. Using this website could help those students find the professors they need.

Chrystalina Collins, a fifth-year student at Wright State University (WSU), believes that Rate My Professors could have helped her while she struggled to attend college as a single mother.

“I believe that [the website] would have helped me extremely in my first semester… [when] I took the motion pictures track,” Collins said. 

Students are not the only ones to look at the website. Dr. Jason Deibel, an Associate Professor of introductory and upper-class physics and chairman for the physics department, also reads Rate My Professors.

“It’s definitely a site where you can let your emotions guide what you’re going to say… [and], you know, it’s a very one-sided perspective,” Deibel said. “I can tell [that Rate My Professors] is full of errors in terms of, you know, professors aren’t in the right departments there.”

Another professor, Erin Flanagan from the English Department, has known about Rate My Professors for a few years.

“[It] seems like people who post on there definitely have an opinion,” Flanagan said.

Professor Flanagan also believes those that post to Rate My Professors are either highly negative or highly positive, and that there is no true in between reviews.

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