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What happened to Tapingo?

GrubHub | Photo by Natalie Cunningham | The Wright State Guardian
GrubHub | Photo by Natalie Cunningham | The Wright State Guardian

The app used on campus to order food ahead of time, Tapingo, has been replaced by the app GrubHub.

The sudden switch left students asking ‘what happened to Tapingo?’

The switch was made because GrubHub purchased Tapingo.

The app switch

“The only thing this means for students that wish to use the mobile ordering app is a change in the app they use. If you were already a Tapingo user, you will just need to download the GrubHub app and create an account using the same email that they used for their Tapingo account. If you are a new user, just download the GrubHub app,” said Nicholas Paige, marketing coordinator for Hospitality Services.

There is a video tutorial on YouTube to help students make the switch, uploaded by Campus Dining.

GrubHub offers the same features that Tapingo offered, including convenient mobile ordering, making purchases with a Wright1 Card, and skipping the line.

GrubHub is also offering $2 off the first order.

But how are students handling the change?

Jaleel Bradford, sophomore, used Tapingo all the time and would like to use GrubHub but was having difficulty making or transferring his account.

“Students will need to go into their settings once logged in on the GrubHub app and turn on Geo Locations. Then go to campus dining and search for Wright State and set up their Wright1 Card,” said Paige.

Anouar Hamadi, junior, has used Tapingo for the last two years but has not yet made the switch to GrubHub. He recommends using the app because it is more convenient than waiting in line.

“In class I would order whatever I wanted and come pick it up after class so I didn’t have to wait in line. I recommend it for students. It’s a quick way to get your food ready. Everyone uses it that I know,” said Hamadi.