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Speculations of White Supremacy Groups: What the University Can Do, How to Stay Safe

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Speculations of white supremacy groups in the area have left some students worried. While nothing has been confirmed, nothing has been denied so it is important to stay aware and safe.  

The information known  

Student Government Association President Adrian Williams heard speculations of these groups in the area from family members and friends and took to twitter to express his concern.  

“It’s enraging that in 2021 I’ve gotten three separate messages this week about possible proud boy/kkk ‘initiations’ in local areas,” said Williams via twitter.  

While the NAACP has recently announced that they do not have any credible information about possible attacks from these groups, the rumors are still cause for concern.  

Rumors from or about these groups are used to instill fear and create division.  

“I wouldn’t be surprised even if that was part of their agenda,” said Williams.  

Stay safe  

Although there are no threats as of now of these groups coming to campus, students should be aware of what the university can do to protect them if they do.  

“Because Wright State is a public university, it cannot limit protests or demonstrations, except as to time, place, and manner,” said Student Legal Services Associate Attorney Jill Sink.  

According to Sink, because free speech is protected under the first amendment, the only way the university can become involved is if these groups direct their speech and actions towards specific students.  

“The university’s best method of protection is to notify students that such groups will be or are on campus so students can avoid the groups if they will be offended,” said Sink.  

Williams hopes that if these groups end up on campus, that the university police will protect students.  

“I would want them to treat it like they treat any other threat. If someone comes to campus with a gun there’s protocols as to what to do with that and how they handle it and I’d like for them to follow those same procedures if it was something racially motivated,” said Williams.  

While there have been incidents in the past of white supremacy propaganda found on campus, that is the extent to which these groups have made an appearance at Wright State University.  

“From my knowledge over the past three years in SGA, there had not been any hate groups who made themselves known on campus,” said alumnus Kevin Jones.  

Although the university can not stop assembly and protests on campus, students should stay aware and informed to protect themselves.  

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor

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