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Wine with DeWine: It’s 2 o’clock somewhere

Ever since Governor Mike DeWine declared a state of emergency on March 9, he has continually maintained communication with citizens through press conferences every day at 2 p.m.

Dr. Amy Acton, medical director of the Ohio Department of Health, has been appearing alongside DeWine to address any significant precautions and the latest data regarding the health of the people.

The trend begins

Since then, the hashtag #WineWithDeWine has been trending on social media.

Not only has this been strengthening citizens’ hopes during this difficult time, it has been racking up sales for wine.

In March alone, liquor sales jumped 26 percent while beer sales went up by 38 percent, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Liquor Control.

Games and merch

The #winewithdewine Pressor Drinking Game has been trending, which consists of having a drink(s) based on the content during the conference. For example, every time Dr. Acton says “um,” you have one drink; every time the presenters don’t practice social distancing, you have three drinks, and so on. This game’s details can be found online.

Also, sales of #WineWithDeWine t-shirts have gone up.

The shirts come in many designs and include optimistic phrases like “We’re in This Together” with DeWine and Acton on them. They can be found on multiple websites including Amazon, Etsy and Clothe Ohio.

These little events and games have helped people become more cheerful during quarantine.

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Moving forward together

The governor has been advocating that we work together by social distancing in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus ahead of time.

His messages and efforts have shown to have a strong effect on people as the roads seem to become emptier day by day.

For many people, this means of communication is comforting as they are constantly being updated on any important information they need to know.

This puts people at ease when they know what is going on in the outside world and what they need to do to be safe while staying locked up inside their homes all day in fear.

To learn more about the Wine with DeWine hour, tune in on Channel 6, Channel 28 or 53 News or search #winewithdewine on Twitter and join the movement.