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Women’s Soccer Concerned for Upcoming Season


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Editor’s Note: The Horizon League has since announced a suspension of all fall athletic competitions.

The Wright State University (WSU) women’s soccer team normally begins their season in August. Due to coronavirus, the season is being delayed and they are currently slated to have their first game in October.

Regardless of the uncertainty, the team is still preparing as if the season is going to happen.

“We’ve been telling the players to prepare as they normally would. The challenge is that as of today, there is no official announcement as to whether we will have a season or not,” said Pat Ferguson, the head coach for the women’s soccer team.

Throughout this offseason, there has been a lot more communication than normal with Ferguson and his players regarding the season.

“What has changed is the amount of communication and team meetings we’ve had since we are constantly disseminating information to the players – as things are changing daily,” said Ferguson.

Programs across the country

The uncertainty around the season is something that sports programs across the country are dealing with. New guidelines and restrictions are being put in place on a daily basis.

There are numerous division II and division III programs that have already canceled all fall sports, along with all conference championships being canceled for those divisions.

“Division II schools and conferences can still choose to play part or all of their regular season in the fall semester if they follow the requirements set forth by the Board of Governors,” according to the NCAA’s website.

Division I conferences make their own decisions within the conference on how to handle the season.

Numerous conferences have already canceled the season for fall sports. Others have delayed the season until dates varying from Sept. 3 to Oct. 1.

Effect on the players

Originally the team was supposed to start practicing Aug. 4. With the season being delayed, they will not begin practicing until Aug. 17.

Throughout the offseason, the players weren’t allowed at the field or at any WSU facility. This forced them to be creative in their training and preparation for the season.

“The entire team had to train differently…At home workouts and soccer tennis in the parking lot of our apartments helped with keeping our touch on the ball and keeping up with our fitness,” said Brittney Petrosky, a redshirt-junior on the soccer team.

The players are able to opt-out of the season if they choose to. So far, no players on the WSU women’s soccer team have done so.

“I don’t believe teammates have been talking about opting out. I know that it is hard on everyone not knowing, but we will all figure it out as it comes to us,” said Petrosky.

There are major concerns surrounding the upcoming season, but this will not change the approach from players or coaches in preparing to play.

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