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Women’s Soccer Defeated by Butler

Raiders vs. Butler Women's Soccer Game |

Raiders vs. Butler Women’s Soccer Game | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) Women’s Soccer finished up their preseason matches by playing Butler at home on Thursday night.

Butler jumped on the Raiders early to win 3-1, with three goals in the first half, starting in the fourth minute.

While the Bulldogs dominated for most of the game, the Raiders had two bright spots in a goal from Brittney Petrosky in minute 64, and amazing saves from Jessica Seward throughout the second half.

Scouting preview

The Raiders were coming off of a 2-2-1 season, with a 4-5 mark in the shortened spring season, missing the Horizon League playoffs.

Butler, on the other hand, seemed to hold the advantage with a 10-2 mark in the shortened spring season, and a 4-1 record in their preseason, taking wins off of Big 10 opponents Northwestern and Illinois, as well as another Horizon League team in IUPUI.

The Bulldogs also made it to the Big East Conference championship last season, where they barely lost to Georgetown in overtime.

WSU had a 1-1 week leading into the game, with a 3-0 shutout against Akron and a 1-4 loss against UT Martin. The Bulldogs had won their past four games, losing in their first game of the preseason against Michigan 0-5.

In their preseason games, the Bulldogs played a possessive style, building their attacks from the backline and playing the ball out wide. However, their possession backfired against Michigan, who hard-pressed the Butler defense to steal the ball in the Bulldogs’ defensive third.

Raiders vs. Butler Women's Soccer Game |
Raiders vs. Butler Women’s Soccer Game | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Katie Soderstrom has been the Bulldogs’ biggest attacking threat, leading the team in goals with Abigail Isger close behind, totaling two goals so far with three assists.

First half

Butler started fast, with Isger putting a ball into the box in the fourth minute, connecting with Soderstrom who put it into a corner for a 1-0 Bulldog lead.

WSU tried to possess the ball early, but Butler pressed the Raiders back into their side of the field for most of the half, not allowing them to push out.

Soderstrom almost scored again in the twenty fifth minute, as Erin Baker saved a shot headed to the left corner, but wasn’t able to collect the ball as Isger put the rebound in the back of the net.

The Raiders began to fight back and almost drew out a penalty kick, but were not able to find enough opportunities to bring back the game.

Becky Dean sent a ball into the six-yard box off of a corner kick that bounced around WSU and Butler players and eventually went into the net for a 3-0 scoreline at the half.

Second half

The Raiders had good chances early in the second half, with runs from Olga Massombo and Destiny Jackson, but Butler still controlled the possession, playing most of the game on WSU’s half.

Seward switched in for Baker at the half and quickly made an impact, coming out of the box to beat Butler’s forwards to the ball, and making early saves against Soderstrom.

The Raiders’ goal from Petrofsky in minute 64 made the game 3-1, and Butler almost scored immediately after but was called offside.

Butler still dominated possession and had several good opportunities, including a penalty kick in the seventy sixth minute.

Seward predicted exactly where the ball would go, and deflected the penalty kick from Anastasia Savich as it came in. Savich tried to rebound the ball, but Seward saved it again and got the ball out of danger.

Seward totaled six saves throughout the game to keep the final score at 3-1.

Noah Kindig

Sports Reporter