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Women’s tennis: New culture this season

Wright State is 3-4 so far this season under interim head coach Todd Tucker after the squad lost at West Virginia (9-1) on Feb. 20 and in a close match, 4-3.

Freshman Karoline Haller defeated Ikttesh Chahal 6-2, 7-6. Sophomore Linsey Verstrepen defeated Yvon Martinez 6-0, 7-5. As a doubles team, Haller and Verstrepen won 6-3. Sophomores Aby Madrigal and Elaine Cloern teamed up for a 7-5 victory in doubles.

“The Wright State girls are tougher than nails,” said Head coach Todd Tucker. “They all have the mindset that nothing is going to slow us down.”

Verstrepen and Haller have identical 6-1 records on the season in singles and are 4-2 when paired together in doubles. Madrigal and sophomore Tori Turner each have 4-3 records in singles and are 3-3 when paired together in doubles. Cloern and sophomore Vanessa Madrigal are 3-2 together in doubles.

“Our goal at the end of the year is for everybody to get on the same page and peak in the middle of April playing their best,” Tucker said.

New culture

Tucker is the new head coach for both the men’s and women’s teams. He said he had to make some changes when he took over and he believes it will benefit the team in the long run. He stressed the importance of improving, being mentally tough and giving 125 percent at all times.

“Both the men’s and women’s teams are on the same page,” Tucker said. “I had to undo some things. We’ve had to take a couple steps back to take ten steps forward. Teaching them over again that this is what we’re going to do and what I expect.”

The men and women’s teams practice together and Tucker claims that they are a tight group, kind of like a tennis fraternity.

“They all help each other out,” Tucker said. “They all hang out together, do things together, study together, and it’s wonderful. “

Up Next

The Raiders will travel to Cincinnati today for a matchup against Xavier (5-3). The next home game for the Raiders is on March 21 at the Dayton Center Courts against Cleveland State (1-7).