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Wright State Honors Student Leaders with Award Ceremony

Student Leader Awards | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State hosted the thirty-seventh annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on April 7 with the presentation of 48 awards to organizations, advisors and students.

Distinguished awards

The Organization of the Year Award was presented to WWSU 106.9 for its exemplary growth and performance in the Spirit of College Radio Awards, where the organization was one of 10 finalists worldwide in 2021. 

“I know that my fellow student leaders put in their best every day and that allows me to put in my best every day to keep up with them. People recognize the work that we do here, and it is such a great opportunity for everyone,” WWSU 106.9 general manager and graduating senior Shea Neal said.

The Wright State Guardian News Editor Jamie Naylor was recognized for her exemplary work leading the news and investigative news team. She was awarded the Distinguished Established Student Leader award.

“The recognition of the work I do means so much to me,” Naylor said. “It feels like all I do is interview people and work doing what I love. But to know people see my work and the impact that I make, it means so much.”

SGA President Jonathan Ciero was recognized for his programs and leadership of the student government with the Distinguished Senior leader award. 

“I believe that great leaders are defined by those they lead. Every member of SGA this year has grown and developed this year as students, members, and leaders,” Ciero said. “All of their hard work has allowed me to succeed, and they deserve just as much credit as I have received.”

Organization and support awards

The award program began with the organization awards, with the Student Organization Collaboration Award presented to the Sports Club Council, the Student Service Organization award presented to Kappa Delta and the Student Organization Inclusive Excellence award presented to the Korean Club.

The Student Supporter of the Year award went to program director of Campus Recreation Billy Willis for his ingenuity in supporting the needs of his students.

The Advisor of the Year award was presented to program director of fraternity and sorority life Gina Keucher. 

The Graduate Student Leader award was awarded to Physical Education student Benett McEwen.

The Program of the Year award went to Student Government Association’s Raider Nights in the City program. This program gives students, staff and faculty an opportunity to explore the Dayton area and its attractions at discounted rates.


Program Manager at the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, Jeremy Keller opened the ceremony. 

“This ceremony would not be possible without all of our student leaders and volunteers for the committees,” Keller said. “Each nominee here tonight made a significant impact on student life.”

President Sue Edwards continued the opening remarks by congratulating the attendees for surviving another school year and for the exemplary work they put in to get there. 

“Many seniors here haven’t had a normal school year. Somehow you have learned how to be resilient and adaptable, and that will set you apart in the real world,” Edwards said. “Tonight is about leadership, and how you don’t need a title to be an effective leader. It is about the impact of your work.”

Student Awards

Emerging Leader award: Izzy Rice, Taylor Mills, Brooke Severino, Charlie Reader Jr., Kaylee Raines, Caleb Brooks, Isaac Warnecke, Selvin Bacon and Kelsie Tomlinson. 

Distinguished Emerging Leader award: Joey Marano.

Established Student Leader award: Kaci Lovejoy, Parker Testa, Makayla Williamson, Maureen Roddy, Gabe Markins, Bella Schenck, Lauren Lemmings, Maria Washler and Garrett William. 

Distinguished Established Student Leader award: Jaime Naylor. 

Advanced Student Leader Award: Mason Knickerbocker, Makenzie Hoeferlin, Alaine Collins, Markee Zurich, Chris Lynch, Chauncey Collins, Holly Hulett, Katie Jones and Chase Mansell. 

Distinguished Advanced Student Leader award: Natali Smith. 

Senior Leader Award: Jules Mae, Connor Algren, Sydney Wyatt, Abby Adams, Dorian Buford, Anna Vandewiele-Jones, Logan Rex, Jeff Shehee and Sabrina D’Alesandro. 
Distinguished Senior Leader Award: Jonathan Ciero.