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Wright State IFC reacts to suspension of OU chapters

Wright State University Tunnels | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University Tunnels | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

In light of the suspension of all Ohio University’s 15 fraternities Wright State Greek life leaders react, to the decision and how our own chapters handle conduct of hazing.

“We need to continue to put lots of work into making these [anti-hazing] events, and the statements behind them, memorable to each person,” said Austin Hunt, Interfraternity Council president at Wright State..

OU’s fraternities were suspended because seven of their chapters are facing allegations of hazing.

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) is the national organization that represents each Interfraternity Council.

The NIC is urging Ohio University to reconsider their decision to suspend all 15 fraternities rather than just those seven under investigation.

“We implore the university to bring all parties to the table to seek a path forward that places the highest priority on the health and safety of students, while respecting the rights of those that live up to the standards of fraternal excellence,” according to the council.

Wright State’s Student Government Association President Ivan Mallett expressed that any accusation of hazing needs to be fully investigated and appropriate actions need to be taken to reprimand and prevent future hazing incidents.

However, he believes banning all fraternities, when less than half had hazing issues, is a bit too far.

“We’re very fortunate that we have developed a culture at Wright State that does not promote hazing within our Greek Life and that we really hold true to those values and I would credit Gina Keucher [program director of fraternity and sorority life] with that a lot for developing that culture and promoting it,” said Mallett.  

There are seven IFC fraternities at Wright State: Alpha Sigma Phi, Beta Phi Omega, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Sigma Phi, Sigma Phi Delta and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Of Wright State’s fraternities, three of them share chapters with Ohio University.

“I’m proud of how we handle the subject of hazing at Wright State. I’m confident that there is no hazing throughout the fraternity system here, since me and the other presidents of the various fraternities we have on campus have worked together to ensure there is none,” Hunt said. “The culture against hazing in our Greek Life is largely due to the amounts of education we have on what hazing is, and how bad it can be. We do this through the anti-hazing week we put on every November, the new member training that each of the councils run, and the various presentations that each of our fraternities’ national organizations put on against hazing.”

According to The Athens Post, ‘Ohio University’s expectation is that each chapter will develop a plan to ensure its organization’s culture is aligned with the code of conduct.’

“I’m currently reinvigorated to make sure that these events will have a solid impact on our membership about the negative impacts that hazing can have on an organization and its brotherhood,” Hunt said.