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First new college in three decades announced

Wright State University | Photo by Cheyenne Waddell | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University | Photo by Cheyenne Waddell | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State announced on Thursday that there would be a kick-off celebration for the new Health College that will launch in 2021. This is the first new college to be announced in the last three decades.

In an email to students, Interim Provost Douglas Leaman explained that the college will combine the health and education-related programs.

This includes Nursing, Professional Psychology, Teacher Education, Leadership Studies, Social Work, Human Services, and Kinesiology and Health. 

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What does the new college mean

Leaman explained that by bringing these programs together, Wright State will “offer more educational paths leading to in-demand careers, increase access to experiential learning and research opportunities, and deliver enhanced preparation for jobs critical to our region.”

The new health college was first presented in 2018 by a faculty group called Academic Organization Review Steering Committee. This group created the draft proposal.

In a previous article by The Wright State Guardian, This past fall, a final proposal was put together by a group of faculty members containing what could be the finalized list of departments grouped together in the new health college. This was presented to the Board of Trustees earlier this month, according to Leaman.

“I think that there’s really a lot of value in bringing programs that have similar missions or similar curricular pathways together under one roof, if you will, to allow them to synergize and work together more effectively,” said Leaman. “If you think about it there are a lot of health programs that have similar course work in the early stages or in the first couple of years and having students being advised under a single roof is really helpful to them.

After the February 12 kick-off, Sue ott Rowlands, provost of Northern Kentucky University, is planned to facilitate a visioning session.

There is a session is planned for February 19. 

“Dr. Ott Rowland brings valuable experience and passion to the conversation, particularly as it relates to Northern Kentucky’s recent formation of its Institute for Health Innovation,” Leaman said.

Kick-off event to take place in February

Leaman closed out the email by stating; “This is an opportunity to blend our diverse talents, tap into our creativity, and feed our passions. Together we will create an amazing learning environment that provides our students with the education and opportunities needed to succeed in the classroom and in their careers, and support the university’s focus on retention, recruitment, and relationships.” 

Currently, there is no information available concerning other colleges such as The Colleges of Nursing and Health, Education and Human Services, or the School of Professional Psychology.