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Wright State Police contribute to food pantry

Raider food pantry donations | Photograph by: Dylan Collison | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University Police Department (WSUPD) came together to contribute to the Raider Food Pantry in November.

Administrative Division Commander Lieutenant David Cox was among those who donated.

“This year we had seven of our sworn staff members, including Chief Finnie and I, participate in this. The donation amount was approximately $400,” said Cox. “Last year some donated to the food pantry on campus and others donated to a charity of their choice.”

An office-wide mission

According to Cox, the first-shift officers decided to make a large donation as well as purchasing food donations to give to the food pantry.

“It is our plan for next year to get more of our staff involved to make a larger donation to our food pantry,” said Cox.

According to Chief of Police David Finnie, this is the second year that WSUPD has participated in contributing to the food pantry.

“The officers and civilian staff of the WSUPD wanted to share our donations with the Raider and Fairborn community by giving to the Wright State Food Pantry,” said Finnie.

Those who wanted to participate could join in “No Shave November/December” in which monetary donations could go to the charity of their choosing, according to Finnie.

This year the staff collectively chose to donate to the food pantry.

“In the past, we have given donations [to the] food pantry, but not as much as we have given this year,” said Finnie. “The Wright State food pantry primarily serves students, helping them to stay in school and meet their educational goal.”

Helping students

Raider Food Pantry’s mission is to provide resources to those in the community who might not have access to them.

“There are two objectives behind this event: The first is to help students when they need assistance with food supply and the second is to develop and strengthen relationships between residents and the police officers that serve them,” said Finnie.

Students and WSU community in need can use the Raider Food Pantry once a month.

The food pantry is also available to offer information on long-term assistance. It is located in 055 Student Union.