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Wright State research limited to prevent coronavirus spread

Research, Wright State | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

On March 18, 2020, Wright State University sent out an email regarding restrictions to student research on campus due to coronavirus 2019. 

Starting Wednesday and continuing until May 1, the university is setting temporary restrictions on human subject research.

After May 1 the university will reevaluate human subject research based on the state of the pandemic. 

Research students

During this time, no undergraduate or graduate student is to be on campus to conduct research, and research laboratories could be completely shut down without notice.

If graduate students must continue their research in pursuit of their degree, they can contact the Dean of their specific College to submit an exemption request.

Research groups should readjust to complete work remotely and no new projects are permitted to be started. 

If students are worried about losing funding for their research, they should get in contact with their sponsor.

Students can also contact Research and Sponsored Programs at [email protected]