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Wright State theatre hosts Addams Family shows

Photo by Bob Mihalek

Photo by Bob Mihalek

The department of theatre, dance and motion pictures started the creative process in early March, and the show is finally ready for an audience.

A cooky story with a warm message

“The Addams Family is a delicious stew of so many different elements that I truly think it has something in it for everyone,” said Hunter Minor, who plays Gomez Addams in Wright State’s production of “The Addams Family.”

A dedicated team of creative minds from many different backgrounds is fundamental for a performance like this one, and Wright State met the challenge.

The performance is a full-theatre operation and so many pieces come together to make such an event possible

According to Joe Deer, director of the musical and chair of the department of theatre, dance and motion pictures, there are about 24-25 students in the cast and around 65-75 students involved overall including costuming, lighting, sound, design, scenic construction, prop design and many more aspects of the creative team.

From costume designer to choreographer to stage manager, there are so many different people who have given their time to make this distant dream a reality.

“It was like I was given a new and better birthday cake every day for the past six weeks,” said Minor.

Being a part of a Wright State musical production is no easy task

“It’s really a full-time commitment for students who are involved in it, because they’re all preparing for professional careers,” said Deer. “Some schools will have kind of an amateur student theatre group. This is a BFA program both in dance and in acting and in musical theatre and in design and technology, so these students are seriously in it to win it.”

The cast rehearses six days a week for a straight six weeks, and everyone involved works extremely hard to make the musical something everyone can be proud of.

“To listen to a score and then work with all these great people who have such fertile imaginations and really want to have as much fun as I do, to see all those pieces come together and have it blossom up like it does that way is just the best feeling,” said Deer. “Every piece of my life comes together in a beautiful way.

Being part of creating and producing a musical creates bonds and friendships like no other

“Every single person on our team cares about our show, and I don’t know if I have ever felt that feeling before this show,” said Minor. “It’s a unique and special thing. I am the luckiest manalive to share this memory with all of them and hopefully all of the people who come and see our show.”

Throughout the process of building a show, from words on a page into an extravagant production, everyone involved builds relationships, shares love and laughter, and makes unforgettable memories.

“There is a lot of love and appreciation behind the scenes at ‘The Addams Family’ which makes this process really special,” said Robin Dunavent, who plays Morticia Addams in the upcoming production. “It is a dream to be a part of a production like this.”

Once on stage in front of an audience, all of the hard work and dedication pays off and everyone is able to play their part in putting on amazing performances.

“I love our show, cast, crew and creative team to no end. It’s such a gift to perform this material alongside such amazing people,” said Minor. “I am beyond ready for people to see what we have created. For a list of all performance dates visit:

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