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Wright Through My Eyes: Abby Smith

Abby Smith | Photo submitted by Abby Smith

With three dogs, three guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, a fish tank and a cat named Miles, Senior Abby Smith is more than just a Music Education major at Wright State University (WSU). 

As a pet lover, older sister and trumpet player, Smith will graduate this May with her Music Education degree and hopes to teach in the Dayton area to keep in touch with her family. 

Why Music Education? 

“I mean, it made me who I am,” Smith said. “I was a really shy kid in middle school and high school, but my band director helped me and being in band helped me come out of my shell and make friends.” 

Because being in band was such a positive change for Smith, she hopes to give the same experience to kids like her. 

“I know that wherever I go, there’s going to be kids who are like I was,” Smith stated. “I hope that I can share my experiences with them, and they can open up just like I did.” 

Smith is already starting to work with band students, working with both Beavercreek and Troy High School’s marching bands, and interning with the MidEast Performance Association. 

Smith says that music is her entire life. 

“It’s everything, not just because it’s my major,” Smith said. “When I play my trumpet, there’s nothing like it.” 

When asked which instructor at WSU influenced her the most, it was impossible for her to pick just one.   

 “All of them have been amazing. There are so many that I think of… Dr. Jagow, Dr. Zehringer, Dr. Jobert, my trumpet instructors, and I’m sure I’ve missed so many,” Smith listed. “All of my instructors here have been so wonderful and they have amazed me so many times.” 

A pet lover 

Not all of Smith’s pets were planned. 

“I’ve always been more of a dog person, so I never thought of adopting a cat. But, we found Miles when he was 4 pounds, and he looked bad,” Smith said. “When we fed him and patched him up, he behaved like a dog, and didn’t want to leave, so we kept him.” 

When asked if she thinks she has too many pets, Smith said she loves them all. 

“I love all of them… In the future, maybe I’ll become a crazy dog lady or something, but for now, I’m happy,” Smith said. 

Senior Recital 

Smith’s senior trumpet recital will take place on Monday, Nov. 16, at 5:30 p.m. at the Creative Arts Center. When asked if she was looking forward to it, Smith said that she was, but it was happening a bit too soon. 

“I wish I could say I’m one of those people who don’t get nervous for performances anymore, but I’m not,” Smith said. “I’m still looking forward to my recital, and I enjoy the pieces that I’m performing.” 

If you are interested in attending a music senior’s recital, more information can be found on the Wright State School of Music Facebook Page, found here:  

Noah Kindig

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