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Wright Through My Eyes: Alexis Hagerman

Alexis Hagerman | Photo provided by Alexis Hagerman

Alexis Hagerman is a sophomore at Wright State University (WSU) who has gone above and beyond in helping others around her. She is majoring in English Integrated Language Arts and minoring in Spanish. 

Hagerman volunteered for most of her high school career and continues to do so at WSU.  

“You’re getting much more than you’re giving when you volunteer,” said Hagerman. 

Clubs and volunteering 

Hagerman is involved with the English Club and Honors Association with the determination to know more people and help the community of Dayton.  

She also volunteered at the Dakota Center, El Puente and Elevate Dayton.  

The internship at Elevate Dayton focused on publishing uplifting articles about the Dayton community.  

“When I started volunteering in high school I did it out of a selfish spot because I wanted to get into a good college. That’s what they tell you – to pad your resume. I was 14 years old and I tried it and really enjoyed it. It quickly became more to me… When I got to college, I realized that I was doing it more to learn,” said Hagerman.  

By volunteering in the Dayton community, Hagerman found ways to connect herself to the culture of the city while also learning about the issues that it faces.  

Planning for the future in her spare time 

When she’s not volunteering, Hagerman spends time with her boyfriend and enjoys reading.

She also keeps up to date with the Black Lives Matter Movement to one day teach her students about African American experiences in modern-day America.  

“I became a person who loves to be busy and I don’t really like to slow down. I wanted to translate that to my life in college because I had so much free time, I didn’t know what to do with it. The best way to make friends and become knowledgeable is to just get out there and be busy because if I’m going to be teaching in a big city then I need to understand the city culture,” said Hagerman.  

Along with this, she is making an effort to make sure that her future students and their cultures will never be white-washed.  

Hagerman is excited to get back to volunteering when coronavirus allows it. She was at El Puente for one day before places were closed down. 

“I really hope that I can do some more work with them when I get back there,” said Hagerman. 

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor