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Wright Through My Eyes: Catherine Embury

Wright State University (WSU) mathematics major Catherine Embury shoots for the moon and lands at the stars with her esteemed internship acceptance at NASA.  

Embury pursued her path 

Since her junior year of high school, Embury has relentlessly followed her dreams by consistently applying for internships with NASA.  

“It has just been about applying regardless of whether or not I made 100 percent of the qualifications or if I was not confident in my gpa at that point. It is all about persistence,” Embury said.  

With this persistence, Embury looks forward to finding cost-effective methods to track small satellites.  

Support along the way 

Embury can attest to many people within the WSU community that have helped her along in this passion-driven journey. 

“In terms of asking for recommendations, professor Baudendistel, who teaches EGR1010, was able to write a letter of recommendation that was really helpful,” Embury said. 

Embury also credits her recent success to the Phi Sigma Rho fraternity, who helped her get through the application process. President of Phi Sigma Rho Madeline Prindle and WSU senior Eva Stanglein expressed their joy and excitement for Catherine’s accomplishment. 

“We are really proud to have Cath as a sister of Phi Rho. She is a very thoughtful friend who is always willing to lend a hand. We are excited to support her during her next adventure,” said Prindle. 

“Cath is an outstanding sister and a great influence for aspiring engineers. She has had a strong impact in our sorority and continues to inspire us to push ourselves to our full potential,” said Stanglein. 

“Being able to find a group of people that will unconditionally support you is great to have,” said Embury. 

Credit to WSU 

The success and ambition of former Raiders is a key motivating factor for Embury’s persistence.  

“I would hear about these people getting NASA internships and other prestigious internships and it was really inspiring. I think there is some credit to WSU being able to say this is what our students do. I know if I was in the opposite position, seeing someone get one of those internships, that would make me feel even more encouraged,” Embury said.  

Embury hopes to see students within the WSU College of Engineering follow their dreams as ambitiously as she has.  

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