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Wright Through My Eyes: Denise Geier

Drawing Student | Photo By Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

Denise Geier, Wright State University (WSU) graduating senior and art major, rediscovered her love for painting while learning how to balance school and raise two children. 

Her WSU journey

Geier recalls fondly her childhood love of drawing and painting and how she has known she wanted to pursue art from before she could remember. She began her WSU journey in 2018 and felt the accessibility of WSU allowed her to add school into her busy life raising two children.

“We live nearby, it just happened to work out that I could attend. The school was right here, it’s accessible, it’s convenient and it’s not too expensive. It’s been a really good experience,” Geier said. 

Geier acknowledges the impact her professors have had on her improvement in her concentration. 

“I hadn’t painted for more than 15 years when I started here. Last semester was different. I worked with Professor Jeremy Long and a shift happened. I was applying the paint differently. It was looser, more interesting. I was able to see my model and make it into something that was more my own,” Geier said. 

The professors and her fellow students in the art department created a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, Geier said, and she encourages students in any major who are thinking about taking an art class to try it out. 

As an artist, Geier is uniquely pursuing an alternate form of perfection in capturing still-lifes and her willingness to make mistakes in order to grow. 

What’s next?

Geier is currently preparing for the Senior Showcase at the ArtsGala which will be held on April 9, 2022. Students can submit 10 to 20 pieces for consideration of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography.

After graduation, she has an internship at the Dana L. Wiley Gallery in Dayton, and she has hopes of pursuing her master’s degree and operating a studio space to paint in.

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