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Wright Through My Eyes: Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis | Photo provided by Hannah Davis

Wright State University (WSU) senior Hannah Davis is majoring in both financial services and accounting. Davis has six years of experience in the field already at the age of 21, several years ahead of others who are starting their internships now. 

Financial services and accounting 

According to Davis, they decided to major in financial services because they want to help people and make sure that they are ready for whatever life throws at them. 

Davis started interning at Ameriprise Financial when they were a sophomore in high school.  

“It was a great opportunity to learn about all the business at such a young age. I just realized that through it, you almost create this large family. You have the people you work with, but you also have hundreds of clients that just make every day worth going to work,” Davis said. 

Once Davis joined WSU, they took on a double major of financial services and accounting. Because there were only a few extra classes to take, they ended up doing both. 


Both of Davis’s parents are WSU alumni. Davis, along with her twin sister Tina, would go to WSU basketball games growing up and knew that WSU was the place for them. 

“I have absolutely loved my experience here, so I’m glad I came to Wright State,” Davis said. 

Davis is set to graduate in the spring and claims it is one of their proudest accomplishments. 

Series 7 and series 66 

Davis has completed their series seven and series 66 licensing, something that no undergraduate is expected to achieve. 

According to Davis, the series seven is a federal license to be a broker, it involves stocks and bonds. Series 66 is the state version of a broker. 

Davis intends to become a private wealth advisor in the future. Because Davis has six years of experience already, the only steps to take to achieve their goal is to become a paraplanner, which is a step below an advisor.  

Online learning 

Online learning has changed senior year for Davis. 

“In some ways, it’s made me more independent. Because of online learning, I’ve been able to take more steps forward in my career, just because it has given me more flexibility… But in financial services, we have to be able to understand people to make our businesses work and we’re missing out on that aspect right now,” said Davis.  

Though Davis has had to change how they approach their college education, one thing stays the same for them. 

“I always want to help people. I want to go above and beyond to make sure everyone around me is taken care of. That’s what inspires me the most, to be helpful,” said Davis.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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