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Writing Prompts For Your Self Care Journal

Journal | Photo from Pexels

A new year brings new stress and a new semester brings new tasks. Amongst all of the business, personal mental health is still important. Here are just a few prompt ideas for your self-care journal to get you through. 

How can I reflect on my day? 

Self-care writing can be simple. Consider writing down your day, from the small mundane events to the larger ones.  

Go through and reflect on your day, write down any feelings you had while doing any activities. Write down what brought you joy or anger. This is a great way to realize all of your emotions and stress of the day and release these feelings. 

What are my goals? 

A great exercise for any journal writing is writing down your goals. These can be daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. It is best to keep your more everyday goals simple and realistic, while your lengthier goals can be a little more ambitious while at the same time achievable.  

Keep up with these goals, change or modify them if need be. If you don’t achieve some in the time that you were hoping that is okay too, trying is sometimes better than achieving.  

Go to self-care activities 

Write down and reflect on relaxing activities you enjoy and how you can implement them into your everyday routine. For example, if you really like journaling then see how you can fit that into your self-care cycle.  

If there are no specific practices you follow, then write down some activities you want to explore. This would also be a good time to write down self-care practices you have found unhelpful. 

Jamie Naylor

Contributing Writer