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WSU Basketball Traditions Every Raider Needs to Know

Rowdy Raider

WSU Traditions | Photo by Caitlin Shatsby | The Wright State Guardian

With Wright State University (WSU) basketball season starting, here are three WSU traditions every Raider should know about. 

WSU colors 

The official colors of WSU, green and gold, can be spotted all around campus and on official Raider apparel. Chosen at the beginning of the university in the 1970s, the colors are used to promote school spirit and represent the campus. 

Every Friday during the semester, students, staff and faculty are encouraged to wear the bright green and gold colors and/or WSU apparel.  

It is also customary to tout these colors on game day, especially when the sporting event is a home game.

WSU mascot

According to WSU Athletics ‘History of the Wright State Mascot,’ the mascot tradition started in the late 1980s basketball season. Rowdy began as a green and gold Viking, then a brown wolf and now is the large grey wolf that campus community members know and love. 

Rowdy Raider, the official mascot of WSU, can be spotted at many events around campus.

Pep band 

Music is a longstanding tradition at sporting events and other campus events. WSU’s School of Music offers different bands students can get involved with, including the varsity pep band. 

Open to all WSU students, the varsity pep band provides entertainment and hype during WSU basketball games. 

Due to COVID-19, the band was not active last basketball season. Their first in-person performance since COVID was during the opening season game on Nov. 9, 2021.

Jamie Naylor

News Reporter