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WSU Board of Trustees Approve 10% Salary Increase for President, 3.5% for Employees

Photo of Sue Edwards, outdoors without a face mask

Sue Edwards | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

The Wright State University Board of Trustees approve two salary increases for Susan Edwards, the university’s president. Edwards plans on using the larger increase for first-generation student scholarship funds.

Performance review

Every year the president of the university undergoes a performance review conducted by the Board of Trustees. 

During the March Board of Trustees meeting, Board chair Tom Gunlock shared the results of the performance review for WSU’s eighth president, Susan Edwards. The board gave her a positive review and praised her for her recruitment, retention and relationship initiatives.

“The board is unanimous in agreeing that Sue continues to do an outstanding job. She continues to prioritize students and a student-first approach, she continues to increase recruitment and retention,” Gunlock said. “She significantly increased the university’s financial stability. She has promoted a culture of diversity across campus.”

Pay increase 

In addition to a positive review, the board approved both a 25% base salary increase, as defined in Edwards contract, and a separate 10% base salary increase. Board members also approved her contract to be extended through 2027. Additionally, at President Edwards’s request, the board authorized that a 3.5% employee cost-of-living increase be built into the fiscal year 2023 budget.

President Edwards expressed that she does not want to take the 25% pay increase and will instead use that money to set up a first-generation scholarship fund with the Wright State University Foundation. 

“I want to thank you for your confidence in me. The work that I do cannot be done without everybody at this institution so I want to recognize that, I also want to make clear that I look forward to working with the foundation in utilizing the money to set up a scholarship so, thank you I appreciate it, but I’m not comfortable taking that,” Edwards said. 

Edwards did, however, accept the 10% bonus and contract extension according to Seth Bauguess, WSU’s director of communications.

According to a Nov. 2019, Dayton Daily News article, President Edwards’s base salary is $450,000.

Jamie Naylor