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WSU Club Sports Offer Athletic Opportunities, Boost Involvement

Club Football | Wright State University

Club sports are a quick and easy way to get involved at Wright State University and also serve as an academic tool to find success in the classrooms.

About the clubs

WSU club sports comprises over 15 different sports, including ultimate frisbee, gymnastics, volleyball, football and more. The organization is also open to new ideas from students for new teams. These different teams allow students to continue pursuing their athletic aspirations while getting involved on campus and finding their community. 

Jake Wells is the club sports program manager, overseeing all the club sports while ensuring the teams meet all policies. Wells also helps in the marketing area to help grow the organization. 

Club sports is a healthy medium between the varsity and recreational levels. Although teams will not be practicing every day of the week and traveling constantly, club sports still allow students to compete against other universities. 

“They provide those that still want to play this sport at a higher level than a recreational league and still want to have that team atmosphere to represent their university. It is an avenue for them to still do that,” Wells mentioned.

Along with still being able to compete, students are seeing more success off the field or court when participating in club sports. 

“Those that join clubs typically are more likely to re-enroll, they typically have higher GPAs because they have that team atmosphere and someone that has a similar major and discipline as you,” Wells added. 

Student experience

Kate Johnson is a senior at WSU who has become the president of the women’s club soccer team. Her promotion came very suddenly, and she was the last hope at keeping the team afloat. 

Johnson found the club soccer team during the 2020 school year after she was unable to finish her senior season due to a torn ACL. Johnson initially struggled in her beginning phases of presidency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“All of the people who were in college when COVID happened, instead of doing extracurriculars, they started getting jobs, and they started just moving on with their lives because they had nothing else to do,” Johnson said. “So, when we came back from COVID, everyone had jobs, they had no extra time in their lives, like squeezing a club sport and having fun.”

Johnson’s experience this year has been far better, as the team has received a plethora of incoming freshmen looking to get involved and help the team. 

“This season, we definitely branched out. The girls are eager and ready to help,” Johnson added. 

In being involved with club sports, athletes are also given the opportunity to take on leadership positions. Johnson is a prime example of these opportunities. 

Carter Mansell is a sophomore at WSU and is a member of the club football team. Mansell loves playing the game but really enjoys the community the team offers him off the field. 

“Overall, the team chemistry, the bonds the players had, the love they had for each other and the brotherhood is what brought me out,” Mansell stated. 

One of the great things about club sports is that although you are still competing, it is in a less pressured environment. 

“We’re really relaxed, and it was very welcoming for me and other players,” Mansell added. 

Different teams have different requirements; for instance, the football team requires a 2.0 GPA and is made up of players of different ages, cultures and areas of study.

“There’s a lot of older players I can go to to ask for help with classes. Those players are more than willing to help me out or push me in the right direction to get help and tutoring myself,” Mansell stated. 

For those interested in joining a club sport, visit the club sports social media pages or reach out to Jake Wells at to express interest. 

Adam Campbell

Sports Reporter

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