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WSU’s Delta Zeta Supports Professors Amid Retrenchment Concerns

Photos of members of Delta Zeta formatted into a heart

Delta Zeta | Photos by Savanna Stewart

Following the faculty retrenchment announcement and a year of remote learning, the Wright State University (WSU) Delta Zeta chapter has put together a photo collage showing support for their professors and other faculty members.

Showing support  

Delta Zeta wanted to show their support for the professors who have kept the community’s spirits up. Many Delta Zeta members are continuing to self-quarantine, so they wanted to find a remote way to give their thanks to the faculty.  

Delta Zeta Vice President of Membership Danielle Vitale came up with a photo collage that they can send to professors. Vitale says that she wanted the photos to be taken on campus, yet socially distanced, to show support to the Raider community.  

Although most professors have not shared their feelings about the retrenchment, Vitale says she knows that the photo collage has been meaningful.  

“I’ve never had a professor come straight out and tell me ‘I’m scared about this,’ but once we started sending this collage out to our professors, they kind of opened up to us,” Vitale said.  

Another member of Delta Zeta, Maci Krites, says that she hopes the photo collage will show faculty how much they mean to students.  

“It is important to show them that even through all the budget cuts and hardships of virtual learning that they are the biggest reason that we can continue our education,” Krites said.  

Sharing the love  

Vitale encourages professors who receive the photo collage to share it with other faculty members. So far, the sorority has emailed the photo collage to their professors, but they want all faculty members on campus to know that they support them even if they don’t directly send them the photo collage.  

Vitale says one professor even shared it on their Facebook.  

Another way Delta Zeta shared the love with this photo collage was by inviting Savanna Stewart, a long-time friend of Vitale and Sinclair student, to photograph the pictures.  

Stewart says that she has been a photographer for a while now and was honored when Vitale asked her to be a part of this project.  

“It felt really cool to be able to help Delta Zeta work on this project in support of Wright State’s professors and faculty,” Stewart said.  

No Raider left behind  

Delta Zeta not only wants to show their support for faculty during these hard times but to bring the Raider community together as well. Both Vitale and Krites want students to keep their heads held high, keep moving forward and know that they will all get through this together.  

“Lean on others when you need them and be the support for others when you are needed,” Krites said.  

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor

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