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WSU Encourages Vaccine Card Uploads, Increased Testing Among Unvaccinated Spring Semester

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Less than 20% of the Wright State University (WSU) community has uploaded their vaccination card despite a cash prize giveaway encouraging students, staff and faculty to do so. 

Vaccine cards not uploaded

Wright State Communications sent a campus-wide email on Nov. 2, 2021, to persuade more of the WSU community to upload an image of their vaccine cards for the university’s vaccine giveaway.

Less than 20% of students, faculty and staff have uploaded an image of their vaccine card according to the email, despite higher vaccination rates in the area. 

“To continue to increase our safety on campus, the university needs us to increase our efforts around vaccination,” according to the email. 

The university is using a third-party site for the WSU community to upload images of their vaccine cards. 

According to the communication, students, staff and faculty who are fully vaccinated should upload an image of their federal COVID-19 vaccination card on Med+Proctor, a secure medical third-party website. 

WSU’s efforts 

Chris Taylor, Dean of Students, shares how the university has been attempting to reach more of the WSU community to upload their vaccine cards. 

“[The COVID Task Force has been] sending a weekly countdown reminder email for the past three weeks about the giveaway,” Dean Taylor said. 

The most recent email sent by Wright State Communications on Nov. 8 provides a link to where students can upload their vaccine cards. They also include a link to 80 prizes being given away including $2,500 cash for two students and $1,000 to five employees. 

The recent email describes what will happen to those in the WSU community who do not upload their vaccine cards. 

“Students, faculty and staff who do not upload a federal [COVID] vaccine card will be subject to increased COVID testing during the spring semester,” according to the email. 

These messages are also being presented to students in other ways according to Dean Taylor. 

“Additionally, all electronic message boards at the university have been carrying a message with a QR code to enter,” Taylor said. “[The COVID Task Force] also [sent] the message and QR Code to residential students in their weekly electronic newsletter.”

According to Taylor, students, faculty and staff have until Nov. 22 to upload an image of their vaccine cards. 

More information on the vaccine giveaway can be found here.