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WSU Offers Virtual Events for Annual Engineering Week

Russ Engineering Center | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Russ Engineering Center | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) will be hosting Engineering Week, an annual event and an opportunity for all students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science to network with employers. The events take place from Feb. 22 to Feb. 26, with the virtual Engineering Day on Tues. Feb. 23 from 1-3 p.m. on Collaborate Ultra.  

Job opportunities 

Engineering week seeks to help WSU students from both campuses, Lake and Dayton, to find internships within the engineering field.  

Career Services Advisor Katy Popplewell is excited to have The Lake Campus involved in Engineering Week and the upcoming Virtual Career Day for WSU. 

“Engineering Week is trying to get students out and participate in their environments. I think the most important thing is for students to be proactive in taking initiative to network and connect with employers that might have co-ops and part-time opportunities,” said Popplewell. 

Collaborate Ultra 

The events will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. From 1 to 3 p.m. on Tues. Feb. 23, students can join the open lobby on Collaborate Ultra. From there, students can move to and from breakout rooms with different employers every 15 minutes.  

According to College of Engineering & Computer Science Career Consultant Sheryl Kent, this is the current list of participating employers as of Feb. 11:

Celina Aluminum Precision Technology Inc. (CAPT),

Crown Equipment Corporation,


Kratos Space,


Silfex and

Wright Patterson AFB/ AFLCMC EGR Division. 

“It will allow time for employers to give a brief overview of who they are, what they’re looking for and any current opportunities that students might be interested in applying for,” said Popplewell. 

According to Popplewell, WSU wants to stay ahead of the curve and educate students on how to navigate an online platform for future job positions. For students to be successful in the future, they need to understand the technological aspects of the world.  

Résumé classes 

According to the flyers about Engineering Week, it will conclude with Employer Résumé Critiques with Booz Allen Hamilton.  

“Students who would like to participate in the Résumé Drop are encouraged to log onto Handshake and apply for positions that interest them,” said Kent. 

There will be résumé critiques during the week. The résumés should be functional and list technical skills and any relevant coursework that would resonate with the job description.  

Upcoming events 

After Engineering Week concludes, there will be another virtual career day for multiple majors. The reason why engineers have a specific week is that engineering is a huge major at both campuses.  

March 15, 17 and 19 will be the Virtual Career Days that will function the same as Engineering Week. Each day will offer different specializations in several majors.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor