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WSU Entrepreneurs: From Students to Owners

WSU Entrepreneurs

WSU Entrepreneurs | Photo by Bob Mihalek | The Wright State Guardian

Creativity and passion fuel the entrepreneurs of Wright State University (WSU) and the various avenues through which they showcase their work.

Fully Loved and Free

“I like meeting people, and I especially love when people are wearing my product and I see it and I just think it’s like the coolest thing in the world,” Gracie Wyatt, recent communications graduate and business owner of Fully Loved and Free, said. 

Fully Loved and Free sells clothing that aims to spread love and positivity.

Wyatt started selling painted doormats after she and a friend designed one for Wyatt’s apartment while preparing to become a student at WSU. This evolved into selling clothing because Wyatt wanted to spread a positive message more easily.

Wyatt encourages those wanting to pursue entrepreneurship to not be afraid to start a new business or encounter failure when promoting a small business.

Fully Loved and Free is also competing for a chance to win $5,000 in the annual Wright Venture competition at WSU, along with other student entrepreneurs like her.

Wright Venture

Students participating in Wright Venture (which has continued since 2014) will not only pitch their ideas for start-up businesses to experts in the field but learn how to run a business along the way.

Students from many different backgrounds, not just business students, receive mentorship and workshops for their business ideas.

“I think it’s been very interesting how well the whole program has attracted students across the university. We had entrants from the College of Engineering, College of Education, College of Business. I think that’s an important feature of this. It’s not just for business [students],” Dr. Goodrich, chair of the marketing department, said in a recent article from The Wright State Guardian.

Students will do their presentations in March or April this year for the final judging where the recipient of the $5,000 prize will be determined.

A large portion of those that participate in Wright Venture also participate in the entrepreneurship club.

Entrepreneurship Club

Natasha Sandella, a past participant in Wright Venture, is president of the Entrepreneurship Club.

This club is open to anyone regardless of major or desire to start a business.

“It’s just a great opportunity for anybody to learn the knowledge and skillsets needed in the business world,” Sandella said.

Every week the club brings in guest speakers in the business field; professors, business professionals, business owners and even students.

“Going and joining a student organization like the Entrepreneurship Club is a great way to kind of add that initial knowledge base, because you get to talk with real-world business professionals instead of just reading about them,” Sandella said.

Along with business-building workshops and speakers, Entrepreneurship Club has also previously collaborated with the Finance Club and Management Club.

Club meetings are typically held on Mondays starting at 5 p.m.

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