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WSU Model UN’s History of Success

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Model United Nations | The Wright State Guardian

For over four decades, Wright State University’s (WSU) Model U.N. Program (MUNP) delegates have been at the forefront of several top awards from the National Model United Nations Conference, a feat that no other university has matched.

What is the Model U.N. Program

The MUNP is a three-credit class that is offered in the spring semester, but recruitment for the class starts in the fall semester the previous year. It begins with an online application on their webpage and all majors are welcome to apply.

The program is a front-heavy course where work is demanding at the beginning of the semester. Then, once the National Model United Nations Conference (NMUN) in New York is complete, delegates are free the rest of the semester.

According to Vaughn Shannon, one of the MUNP faculty advisors, the first recorded MUN club trip for conferences was in the year 1970. Since then, there has been a 42-year winning streak for WSU’s MUNP.  

WSU’s MUNP participates in the Dayton MUN Conference (DAYMUNC) held at Sinclair Community College and the NMUN.

According to the MUNP’s head delegate Bradley Kerry, there is an application process where chosen applicants will be given a country to do a positional paper. Last year there was no interview process due to Covid, but it may return this year due to how many applicants they have received.

This year there may be up to 20 to 25 new recruits into the MUNP by the time the application process is finished.

“If you have any interest in international politics, or the United Nations itself, taking this class [will help you] learn a lot… and it’s a lot of fun,” Kerry said.

Goals of the Model U.N. Program

The purpose of the MUNP is to give people of all majors a chance to learn about other countries, their policies and their culture. 

“It’s kind of like role-playing, so you’re representing [a country]… [and] you study the policy you’re assigned to,” Liam Anderson, the second faculty advisor for the MUNP, said.

The MUNP prepares its participants for important life skills like heavy research, writing, public speaking and negotiation. The MUNP can also help those who struggle with public speaking as it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

“It’s a great program regardless of who goes to New York,” Shannon said.

Currently, the application process is open and on the organization’s website. The deadline is Oct. 15 for the interview and delegate choosing process for the spring semester to begin early.

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