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WSU Moves Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination Site

Wright State Physicians | Photo by Daniel Delgado | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State Physicians | Photo by Daniel Delgado | Edited by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) plans to move covid-19 testing and vaccination sites from Wright State Physicians to the main campus, fostering accessibility for increased covid-19 testing. 

The move

Wright State Physicians currently serves as the official covid-19 testing and vaccination site for WSU. The clinic, located about a mile from the main academic part of campus, is not accessible to everyone in the campus community.

To remedy the situation, the university plans on moving its covid-19 testing and vaccination site to the main part of campus.

“We are going to look at moving things more to the core campus to get [covid-19] vaccinations and do some testing,” Chris Taylor, Dean of Students said. 

Taylor did not comment on where exactly the new site is located or when the move is set to be completed.

Campus testing

WSU currently does not have a covid-19 testing policy for all staff, student and faculty members. 

According to the WSU covid-19 website, residential students are the only students required to participate in randomized testing throughout the fall semester in addition to pre-arrival testing. 

Taylor expressed the university’s desire to resume additional covid-19 testing programs, like the randomized testing program used in spring semester 2021. WSU has yet to sort out the details on the new initiative. 

Also not specified by Taylor is whether the increased testing plan includes all students, staff and faculty, or if the program just applies to residential students. 

Statewide university initiatives

Other Ohio universities, like Ohio State University (OSU), conduct pre arrival, arrival and regular covid-19 testing for students. According to their student health website, unvaccinated individuals living on OSU’s campus must receive weekly covid-19 tests.

OSU also requires students to receive a covid-19 vaccine. 

WSU does not have nor is currently planning on mandating vaccination against coronavirus.

Jamie Naylor

News Reporter