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WSU NPHC Plot Unveiling Delayed

nphc construction

NPHC Construction | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s (WSU) National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) delays opening of memorial plot due to construction setbacks. Members of the Council reflect on the project. 

Constructing the plot

Rendering of the NPHC plots
NPHC Plots Rendering | Courtesy of Wright State University

The National Pan-Hellenic Council represents nine historically black fraternities and sororities. The plot serves as a memorial to these organizations and will consist of a concrete area, flag poles symbolizing the organizations and a nine by nine engraved brick walkway. 

Members of the Council in alliance with Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) oversaw the design and construction of the project.  

Construction on the plot began in May 2021, with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 20.  

The project, originally set to be completed by move-in weekend, encountered supply issues, contractor issues and overall setbacks according to Gina Keucher, Program Director for SIL. 

Keucher described part of the supply issue, saying she had to take bricks to Akron because the engraver was unable to get any in her area. 

Concrete pouring for the main structure began Aug. 18. Flag poles have yet to be installed. 

Funding the plot

Rendering of the NPHC plots
NPHC Plots Rendering | Courtesy of Wright State University

Funding for the project came from WSU grants, donations form Wright Patt Credit Union, the Alumni Association and engraved brick sales. 

According to Keucher, the Council raised around $60,000 for the project, but the total cost is unknown.

“The final number has yet to be determined,” Adrian Williams, WSU graduate and NPHC member, said. 

Any excess funds will be put into scholarships for black and brown students. 

State projects

NPHC plots and memorial gardens are rising in popularity on college campuses across the U.S.  Other Ohio universities in the process of building plots include the University of Toledo and Ohio State University. 

WSU hopes to be the first predominantly white public Ohio university to unveil an NPHC space. Despite delays in construction, those involved with the project believe that this goal can be achieved. 

Plot origins

WSU’s plot has been in progress for over 10 years, with the idea finally coming to fruition in Spring 2021.

The plot serves to highlight the university’s diversity and inclusion initiative and create a safe learning space for campus community members.

“Not only will this create a safe space but it will allow the WSU campus community to be educated and learn more about NPHC history and traditions,” Dai’Shanae Moore, President of NPHC, said.

While there is no set finish date for the memorial, Keucher expressed hope that the project will be complete by early to late September.

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