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WSU ROTC Alumna Conducts Fly-Over Visit at Wright State

Maj. Sarah Kociuba

Maj. Sarah Kociuba | Photo by Caitlin Shatsby | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) Air Force Detachment 643 alumna, Maj. Sarah Kociuba conducted a fly-over visit to campus as part of her in-flight training hours.

The event 

WSU’s Airforce Detachment 643 gathered Monday afternoon to welcome alumna Maj. Sarah Kociuba.

The event served as a training exercise and informational visit and included an interview with the Airforce reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AFROTC). 

Advice and inspiration for cadets 

Kociuba graduated from the University of Dayton (UD)  in 2012. While attending UD, she became involved with the ROTC program and Detachment 643 at WSU.

During the interview, conducted by AFROTC Public Relations Cadete Katherine Wyand, the pilot cited her family’s military past and desire to become a pilot as reasons why she joined the air force. 

Kociuba described the opportunities, learning experiences and difficulties of her job. She described the skill, knowledge and preparation that goes into being a pilot and leading a mission. 

Despite the hard work, she encouraged cadets to continue learning and growing while in service. 

“We are [air force personnel] constantly learning and [there is] always something to be striving for,” Kociuba said. 

Career success 

During her time as an officer and pilot, Kociuba conducted and planned missions taking place in both the continental U.S. and globally. 

Kociuba now serves as a B-2 pilot instructor pilot and wing scheduler for the 509 operational support squadron at Whiteman Airforce Base, MO. 

The ambitious pilot also gained notoriety for conducting and partaking in the Super Bowl LV flyover. 

WSU military programs 

Detachment 643 serves as the AFROTC unit for several schools in the Dayton area. Additionally, WSU’s closeness to Wright Patterson Airforce Base creates opportunities and partnerships with the university and its students. 

All ROTC and military-related programs are located in Millett Hall on the Dayton main campus.

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