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Upcoming Graduates Reflect on the Wright State Experience

Wright State Cap and Gown | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State Cap and Gown | Photo by Diana Jaber | The Wright State Guardian

As commencement for the Wright State University (WSU) class of spring 2021 approaches, seniors are reflecting on their time at the university and what they plan to accomplish afterward. 

Experiences at Wright State 

One student who is reflecting on their time at WSU is mass communications major Samantha Ervin. 

“There’s been some good times and there’s been some bad times, but that’s for everyone,” Ervin said. “College is what you make of it.” 

Ervin kept to her studies during her time at the university. 

“I mostly kept towards the books and studying and trying to hurry up and get to where I am now, where some people, they’d rather go party,” Ervin said. 

Psychology student Shanice White has had a positive experience while at WSU. White’s best experiences at the university occurred during her freshman year. 

“I think that’s really important, to go through school and to have that when you first come,” White said. 

The experience of political science student Alexandria Applin, who is also a young mother, has also been positive.  

“I get to walk away from Wright State having what people would try to say is a traditional experience, being involved in clubs, but I like to say that I was nontraditional in the best way possible,” Applin said 

Applin says she likes to think that she was crazy to put so much on her plate. 

Ervin is satisfied with what she has accomplished at WSU and does not wish she had done anything differently. According to White, however, they would have been more involved with student organizations, while Applin believes she would have joined an organization focused on building social relationships. 

The graduating class of spring 2021 experienced periods of both in-person and virtual learning. The transition for some students was difficult, while others have adjusted well to online classes. 

“The professors are able to work with me and the class to not put so much work on us and just make sure they’re communicating how we’re feeling and extending deadlines,” White said.  

Looking ahead 

Commencement for the class will be on April 30 and May 1, and Ervin, White and Applin are excited about the upcoming ceremonies. 

“I’m just trying to get through finals, but right now, it doesn’t really feel like it’s happening but I know it’s going to come,” White said. 

The biggest thing on Applin’s mind is finishing the semester with good grades. 

“I have exams to get through, but I don’t want to end just not trying,” Applin said. “I want to give credit to my academic career and at least finish strong.” 

Ervin likes that the commencement ceremony will still be broadcast live since many of her family members wished to attend and each student only receives four tickets. 

After graduation, Ervin looks to obtain a job in the public relations field. White hopes to begin working and graduate from a clinical mental health program to become a mental health therapist. Applin will be attending the University of Cincinnati for law school and pursuing a fellowship with the Ohio Innocence Project. 

Maxwell Patton

Wright Life Reporter