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SGA: Scooters and Student Legal Service Fees

SGA | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

SGA | Photo by Grace Ramsdell | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Government Association (SGA) met on April 6 to discuss a current resolution and provide an update on the scooter service SPIN.  

Resolution 21-10 

SGA introduced Resolution 21-10 in support of Student Legal Services at Wright State University (WSU). SGA will vote on the resolution in the upcoming week. 

Due to the drop in enrollment at WSU, the current rate at which students pay for these services cannot support Student Legal Services if it continues.  

Resolution 21-10 will support the renewal of the Student Legal Services Contract and raise the service fee from $11 to $16. 

“We’re excited to keep student legal services fully functioning for as long as possible,” SGA President Adrian Williams said. 

SPIN Scooters 

The scooter service SPIN recently started a discussion with SGA about collaborating with WSU. Williams expects this collaboration to be budget neutral.  

WSU is also interested in enacting this as a potential campus engagement project.  

“Hopefully we’ll be able to work on this over the summer and get it up and running by the start of the fall semester,” Williams said.  

SGA is currently working with General Counsel and university lawyers to ensure that no legal liabilities arise in the case of an injury occurring due to the scooters.  

The Office of Disability Services will also make sure scooters are not left near places that can hinder students who have difficulty accessing certain areas.  

New Director of Inclusive Excellence  

The new Director of Inclusive Excellence Dr. Matthew Chaney attended the meeting and said he is excited to fill the position.  

“I am eager to meet the students so that we can move the needle in terms of inclusive excellence at Wright State University,” Chaney said.  

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