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Waffle club, paintball club, skydiving club and more: WSU student life over the years

Organization Spotlight: Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence Photograph by Soham Parikh/The Guardian.

Organization Spotlights | Photograph by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian.

Wright State University is unique in that any student is able to create an organization, and many unique organizations have existed on campus.

Here is a list of some of the organizations that have existed over the years at Wright State:

The Waffle Club

The sole purpose of the club, which was started in 2009: was to make, provide and enjoy waffles at WSU.

Goals of the club were to:

  • Coordinate meetings in which members made waffles
  • Educate students in culinary arts and food history
  • Promote a laid-back environment.

Faculty and administration of WSU were also welcome to join the club as “honorary members” in which they would be “regarded as divine beings and given special privileges including but not limited to taste testing, seat checks, and less work,” according to the club’s constitution.

Toastmasters club

Started in 2012, the Toastmasters club was formed to provide a positive learning environment in which members could learn how to effectively propose a toast.

Members would have an opportunity to develop their oral communication and leadership skills.

This was a club in which members would learn how to give a toast at a wedding, give a eulogy at a funeral or speak at another public event.

Paintball club

This club is exactly what it sounds like: a club made for and dedicated to playing paintball.

Members of this club met to play paintball and to teach teamwork in a safe environment.

Staff and faculty members were only allowed as adjunct members without vote.

According to the club’s constitution, “while member participation is not required, members are strongly encouraged to, and should expect to help in the promotion and organization of the Wright State Paintball club.”

Skydiving club

The purpose of this club was to promote and enjoy the sport.

A member of the club was required to jump once a year and attend a meeting once a quarter.

Members also receive discounts at different jumping locations.

Marksmanship club

This club was made to “develop discipline incorporated in basic rifle marksmanship and be able to use it in everyday life,” according to the club’s constitution.

Other goals of the club include developing basic marksmanship skills and promoting safe use and storage of firearms.

Full membership was only granted to members who attended 66 percent of the meetings.

The Medieval club

Created in 2005, the purpose of this club was to “encourage the pursuit of knowledge of medieval history, culture, science, and warfare,” according to its constitution.

There were no membership fees or dues charged to join the club and membership was granted after attending a meeting and registering.

Halo club

The Halo club offered a fun environment to WSU students who shared a common interest to play the game “Halo.”

According to the club’s constitution, “this club’s primary goal will be to sponsor tournaments for anyone wanting to participate.”

Hip Hop Dance Squad

This club started in 2003, existed to develop dance and performance skills and to encourage the pursuit of dance performance.

In 2003, the club was deemed “not in good standing” due to incomplete registration.

The Blanketeers

Created by the organizers of the Project Linus blanket-making event, the club’s purpose was to provide a service opportunity to WSU students.

Goals of the club included providing blankets to local hospitals and clinics for children involved with a traumatic life event.

The Blanketeers also aimed to “provide an annual blanket making event and to raise funds for the program,” according to their constitution.

Makenzie Hoeferlin

Editor-in Chief