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WSU Volleyball held the longest winning streak in the nation

Wright State University Women's Volleyball | Photo by Joe Craven

Wright State University Women’s Volleyball | Photo by Joe Craven

Wright State’s Women’s Volleyball team has shocked the Horizon League with a 16-game winning streak, the longest in the nation.

“If you work hard every day, good things will come. This team is a testament to that,” said Allie Matters, head coach of the Wright State Women’s Volleyball team.

The volleyball team has one day off per week and all other days are spent practicing, conditioning, watching hours of film and playing competitively. According to Matters, each member trains extremely hard and holds themselves and their teammates accountable.

Volleyball is a mental sport in which the game can slip from your control in a split second. Focus and the right mentality are of utmost importance in winning the game.

“I think attitude is a huge factor when it comes to winning. You must always have a positive attitude throughout the whole match. If you lose hope in yourself or your teammates, you most likely have already lost the match,” said sophomore libero [defensive specialist] Jenna Story.

Matters recalled a recent match against Northern Kentucky University when they were down by two sets, but stole back the momentum and won the next three.

“There are always so many opportunities to rally back,” said Matters.

The team also works hard to maintain an atmosphere in which each player can count on their teammates. According to Matters, the team does a great job of staying confident and composed in the most stressful of circumstances.

“We all play hard for the person on the court with us, the girls on the bench and the coaches on the sidelines,” said sophomore setter Lainey Stephenson. “I believe this is an essential key as to why we are so successful. We play for each other.”

According to Stephenson, one of the biggest turning points occurred after their loss against Bowling Green back in August. It was a game they were expected to win. They went into their next game against Notre Dame with nothing to lose and came out with a win against one of the “Power Five” schools.

“That win gave us confidence that no one seems to be able to take away from us,” said Matters. “It was their arena, their floor, their TV network, their fans and we took it from them that day. It was a match that we will never forget.”

The Wright State Women’s Volleyball team needs all the fans, support and cheers that they can get as they fight to continue their winning streak.

“Magic is happening throughout McLin Gym and it is an indescribable feeling, something you have to see to believe,” said Stephenson. “We appreciate all of the love we have received and can’t thank our fans enough. Go Raiders!”

Makenzie Hoeferlin

Editor-in Chief