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Asian And Native American Center Hold End-of-Year Reception

ANA End Of Year Reception | Photo by Hannah Carson | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s Asian and Native American Center hosts end-of-year reception for graduating students and student leaders. 

The event

The center held the event to recognize and celebrate graduating students and student leaders who have worked hard all year long, according to Nicolyn Woodcock, the assistant director of ANA. Graduating students who had been involved in ANA over the last year received graduation stoles, according to Sierra Hinton, the vice president of the Asian Student Association. 

“We also had a few students who received scholarships, but they did not attend, so we did not recognize them tonight,” Woodcock said. 

The center provides three scholarships that students are eligible for every academic year; however, this coming year, the center will award only one out of the three scholarships due to a lack of funding, according to Woodcock. 

Alyana Barrera, a general member of ASA, explained the best way for students to get involved in the center for the possibility of the scholarship.

“To get involved, learn about the center’s events and attend. You’ll meet a lot of great people, and always remember they’re inclusive for everyone,” Barrera said. 

Looking to next year

Woodcock expressed that the team at ANA will be working hard over the summer to prepare for the next academic year. 

“One thing we are excited for is, next year, there will be an indigenous studies program in the College of Liberal Arts,” Woodcock said. 

Indigenous studies will be an interdisciplinary course, including history, contemporary culture and literature, according to Woodcock.

“In the fall, we plan to do some programming to raise people’s awareness. You can already apply for the course,” Woodcock exclaimed. 

Hinton also followed up, expressing the goals of ANA for next academic year.

“For next year, we hope to continue to educate and be a welcoming space for students and faculty to learn more about other cultures and host similar events to those most popular this year, such as Chuseok, or mid-autumn festival and Nowruz,” Hinton said. 

For more information on the ANA Center or indigenous studies program, visit the center in Millet Hall.

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