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Wright Through my Eyes

Wright Through my Eyes is a series produced by the reporters, editors and video team to document the lives of Wright State students on campus. In an effort to show the need to continue to educate and inform about diversity and inclusion on college campuses we talked to and followed college students on our campus. Here are the stories of our fellow Raiders.

Wright Through My Eyes: Denise Geier

Denise Geier, Wright State University (WSU) graduating senior and art major, rediscovered her love for painting while learning how to balance school and raise two children.

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Jedawn Wilson

Wright Through My Eyes: JeDawn Wilson

Wright State University (WSU) student JeDawn Wilson strives to be culturally engaged on campus and is inspired by creative expression.

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Taylor Bransfield playing volleyball

Volleyball Player Taylor Bransfield Returns After Injury, Stronger than Before

An injury for an athlete at an important time will often take away their confidence and stop them from wanting to compete.

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Fencer Molly Foster with her helmet,

Wright Through My Eyes: Molly Foster

Molly Foster originally came to WSU for engineering but found her place with the Adapted Recreation program and athletics.

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ashley mcginley

Wright Through my Eyes: Ashley McGinley

Ashley McGinley is a Writing Coach at the University Writing Center (UWC) and has been a student at WSU for nearly twenty years.

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