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Opinion: Can a crowd really affect how athletes play?

In the world of sports, it’s widely accepted that a crowd can at least have some kind of effect on how a game will go. From getting in the heads of opposing players to helping shift the pace of a game, a crowd is more than just a group of people watching players from a distance.

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Raider up for spring sports season. Pexel

The Five Best Sports Movies of All Time

There are many different directions to go for the best sports movie of all time, a widely debated topic that will not be coming to an end.

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Highlighting Jeff Fleck, Wright State’s First Varsity Bowling Coach

From bowling with his parents at the age of 10 to his retirement, bowling has always been a part of Jeff Fleck’s life.

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Golf Dominates Home Invitational With First Place Finish

Wright State University golf dominated the competition at its own Invitational on April 17, taking a first-place finish in a field of 13 teams.

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WSU Athletes on What Motivates Them to Play

Wright State University student-athletes share that they choose to play because of their love for their sport and relationships with teammates despite the busy schedule.

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