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Letter to the Editor

The Wright State Guardian encourages its readers to share their opinions through a Letter to the Editor. We encourage a diversity of voices and views in our letters and free expression of all opinions is encouraged.

Guidelines and Policy

  • Letters to the Editor may be edited for length, clarity and fact-check. The opinions expressed are always the writer’s own. The editor will confer with the writer for extraordinary editorial concerns.
  • Letters should be exclusive to The Wright State Guardian, and not distributed in any other publication.
  • Letters will not be removed unless there are factual inaccuracies, in which case the fallacy will subsequently be corrected and the remaining article will be left unchanged.
  • The writer of a Letter to the Editor maintains copyright of their letter, but The Wright State Guardian retains the right to publish at will.
  • All letters are subject to all policies and editorial changes of The Wright State Guardian and must adhere to our diversity statement and be free of material that may be considered libelous, discriminatory in nature, obscene, threatening, promotional/solicitous or of bad taste.


  • The required length of a Letter to the Editor is between 200 and 400 words.
  • Letters must include the writer’s full name, email address and telephone number; anonymous letters and letters written under pseudonyms will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This is considered a rare request. For verification purposes, those requesting anonymity must provide their identity to The Wright State Guardian. Email address and telephone numbers will not be published.
  • Writers should disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject matter of their letters.


  • Be professional and use polite, but persuasive language. Make sure to include any information that highlights your expertise on the issue.
  • Keep your letter concise. Start with a compelling introductory sentence and follow with short and clear factual points. Do not make broad statements that can’t be backed up with facts. It’s best to focus on what is most important rather than trying to address every aspect of the issue. Keep your argument simple and the letter short.
  • End with a call to action and ask your readers to follow up.

Where to send:


Send letters to the Editor-in-Chief at and designate the desired editor.


Send postal mail to:

The Wright State Guardian
015 Student Union
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001

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