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GTV: Student Press Freedom Day

Our mission is to provide essential news to the WSU community. With supporters like you, we can continue to write about what matters. Happy Student Press Freedom Day 2024!

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GTV: Tea Ceremony

On Feb. 2, tea ceremony performer Kazumi Kawai presented a traditional Japanese ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha (powdered green tea) to a packed house in the University Center for International Education.

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GTV: Tushar Gandhi, Great-Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Speaks on Health and Inequality

On Jan. 31, the Wright State University community filled the Apollo Room to listen to Tushar Gandhi speak about healthcare disparities in minority communities in India and around the world.

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GTV: DND Dayton Brick Shop

Just off of Bigger Road, the Dayton Brick Shop offers LEGOs and events to adults and kids alike, bringing the Dayton community together since and through the pandemic.

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GTV Opinion: I Hate Dayton’s and America’s Car Dependency, and You Should Too

Dayton receives a failing grade for walkability: 45. And for bicycles, the score is just barely higher. Dayton, Ohio is a breathing representation of the car-dependent infrastructure of American cities, and I think students, especially international students, suffer for it.

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