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Rainbow Alliance Drag Show Raises Money and Social Awareness

Rainbow Alliance, a club for LGBTQA+ students on Wright State University’s campus, hosted a drag show where attendees spoke about current anti-LGBTQA+ legislation.

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The Holy Month of Ramadan at WSU

In the Islamic calendar, the ninth month is known as Ramadan, where Muslims fast during sunlight hours for many reasons, the main one being as a form of worship.

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Juneteenth: History and Significance

As the United States prepares to celebrate Juneteenth, Wright State University community members reflect on the holiday, its history and its personal meaning.

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Around the world in 5 books

Take a Trip Around the World With These Five Books

Reading is a great way to become exposed to different cultures and broaden one’s knowledge of others. Below are five books that take place around the world and explore different cultures.

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Wright State Charters First Multicultural Sorority

A new era of Wright State University Greek life begins as Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., formerly known as ACE or Advocates for Cultural diversity and Excellence, became the first and only Asian-interest sorority in Raider history.

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