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If you know of something that deserves to be investigated and is of public interest, we want to hear it. Below are some tools to help deliver your communication in a way that may help protect your identity, if necessary. Please do not send comments, complaints, feedback, story ideas, pitches or press releases through these channels.
For more general correspondence, please visit our contact page.

What Makes A Good Tip

Our reporters can investigate specific news tips. You should articulate thoughts that can be followed up with clear evidence. Hunches or speculation are unpreferable. Evidence, documentation and testimony — including emails, texts, memorandums, videos, audio, photos or other records — are critical.

Tips must be newsworthy and be of public interest. It needs to have some implications for the campus community and affect a wide enough range of people to be interesting to our audiences.

To submit feedback on our journalism, story ideas, news releases, or other general correspondence, visit our contact page.

Examples of good tips include:

“Here is evidence that this official is breaking the law.”

“I have proof that this organization is conducting itself unethically.”

Protecting Your Identity

We understand that when giving a news tip, you may be risking retaliation or other consequences. For this reason, we respect your privacy and encourage you to use confidential lines of communication.

We pledge to do everything we can to protect our sources’ identities if anonymity is requested.

Please contact us or send us information through the protected means below.

Some more tips to further protect your identity:

  • Make new, temporary user accounts separate from the ones you personally use.
  • Clean up or delete browsing history and cache
  • Please do not contact us from your place of work. We also highly discourage the use of your work phone or email for regular correspondence. Additionally, call logs and email messages from government entities, such as Wright State University, constitute a public record and are easily accessible under the Ohio Open Records Act.
  • Do not tell anyone you are a source.

How to Submit a Tip


Emails are a convenient way to send messages and document quickly. You can send us encrypted or unencrypted emails. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is encryption software that allows you to send encrypted emails and documents. Mailvelope is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes it easy to use PGP. The extension will only encrypt the contents of the email you’re sending. Mailvelope will not encrypt metadata such as sender, recipient, subject, or information about when the email was sent. This metadata will be available to your email provider.

Fingerprint: 38A9 2326 3E53 FE3D 5955 DFC5 84D2 C12A 8CF9 8B71

Public Key Code

Postal Mail

Mail delivered through the postal service is another secure means of communication. We recommend that you use a public mailbox with no return address.

The Wright State Guardian

015 Student Union
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy

Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001


You can drop off statements and documents in unsigned envelopes to our office at 015 Student Union, with attention to the specific reporter or editor.

For extra security, we recommend that you do not bring your phone to the drop-off, as it can help identify your location at any given time.

If you would like us to follow up on questions, please enclose a communication method.


We welcome direct telephone calls to our newsroom. Our newsroom telephone is 937-775-5537. Consider disabling your caller ID when using this method.

Schedule a Meeting With a Reporter

Our team welcomes direct contact if you would like to speak on- or off-the-record. If you would like to reach a reporter, please contact the Managing Editor at 937-775-5537 or You may also use any of the above methods of contact.

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