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Raider Report V4, Episode 20: Finals, Futures, and Finales

It's the Finale of Raider Report, as Sports Reporter Noah Kindig and Isaac Warnecke talk about what's left in the semester and what's in the future for both of them. The duo discuss upcoming finals, Flight Magazine and their favorite Florida Man story of the year. As a thank you for letting me host this […]

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Raider Report V4,Episode 19: The Next Big Boss, Actual Serious Conversations, and A Bad Time for a Selfie

It's Week 14 of the semester, and Guardian Sports Reporter Noah Kindig tried to get fired again by having his other boss on the show! He's joined by Alexis Lewis, the future Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian, as well as Staff Videographer Isaac Warnecke. The Trio discuss the TikTok Hearing, the expulsion of two Tennessee lawmakers, […]

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Raider Report V4, Episode 18: Funny News, Raiderthon, and Bucket Lists

It's a special episode of Raider Report, as it's the leadup to Raiderthon this weekend! Noah Kindig and Isaac Warnecke are joined by Trinity Kopenhaver from Wright State's Miracle Makers to talk all about the amazing event. The trio also get into the weird news stories of the day, clowns, crazy science, and a Florida […]

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Raider Report V4, Episode 17: Free Speech, Taylor Swift, and Mixtapes

No one truly knows what week of the semester it is, but Sports Reporter Noah Kindig, Staff Videographer Isaac Warnecke, and Digital Managing Editor Emily Lewis try to figure it out in this week's episode of Raider Report. The trio discuss the pro-life activists visiting campus, high school experiences, Taylor Swift, and a Florida Man […]

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Raider Report V4, Episode 16: Big Boy Jobs, A Good Oscars, and The Best Getaway Vehicle

Sports Reporter Noah Kindig feels spiffy today in his dress clothes, as he is joined by the videography team of Isaac Warnecke and Dominic Wenrick for this week’s episode of Raider Report. The trio discuss Wright State’s job fair, an Oscars ceremony that was actually pretty good, and a Florida Man story with the perfect […]

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